24. November 2013

Yes, I’ll admit na naiinsecure ako. Naiinsecure ako kasi andaming mas matangkad, mas maputi, mas talented, mas matalino at mas maganda sakin. Naiinsecure ako kasi hanggang ngayon wala parin akong love life, iniisip ko kung dahil ba panget ako? Eh hindi naman ako panget! Dahil ba panget ugali ko or may attitude ako? Pero hindi din naman…. Eh ano wala sakin na meron yung mga taong may lovelife? Or ano ang meron ako na wala yung mga may lovelife?

I asked that to my best friend and alam mo ba kung ano sinabi nya sakin?

She told me:
“You know what? Wala ka namang problema eh, maganda ka, maalaga, matalino at masipag yun nga lang masyado kang nakafocus sa goal mo sa buhay. Ginawa mong lovelife ang pagaaral mo, which is good. Hindi mo kailangan mainsecure dahil walang mali sayo. Ok lang na magfocus ka dyan sa goal mo sa buhay dahil one day may isang taong sasabayan ka dyan sa journey mo at tatanggalin lahat ng insecurities mo. Nirereserve ka lang ni God sa best na lalaki para sayo.”

Ok I admit, I do believe her when she told me that 😊

"If a man really likes a woman, he would chase after her without letting anything stop him."


I want a comfortable relationship. That kind of relationship wherein we can just be ourselves, no masks to wear, no pretending, no leveling up of oneself. We never keep our imperfections a secret, instead we just let it there because judging each other is the last thing on our mind. We both know that we’re full of curves and holes yet we don’t focus our attention on them. You can wear my shirt without hesitations, instead you’re always the one insisting to wear them because you love my natural scent even if sometimes I smell like a rotten egg because I work a lot. You’re not afraid to make mistakes in front of me, because that’s who you are and you’re not afraid of showing the real you. When we’re sleeping together, you never care if you sleep talk and even if I’m making fun of you because of it, you just ignore those funny nicknames I give you and just laugh with me and allow me to feel triumphant about it.
And on the other side, you don’t notice my failures and my poor memory in remembering dates and important occasions. Yeah at first, you’ll say a lot of words about it telling me that I should take those memory-enhancing pills but in the end you’ll still forgive me. You never care if instead of taking you to a fancy restaurant to eat our dinner, I just take you on those cheap yet delicious food stands and eat a lot of street foods. You’re even willing to share your toothbrush with me because you trust me and my personal hygiene and that I don’t have bad breath. I can change in front of you even if your eyes are feasting on my body. I can wear your cologne and you can wear mine. We know each other’s weaknesses and we know how to help each other when it comes to facing our phobias. Who we really are, that’s what we are showing in front of each other. I want you to be comfortable being with me the same way I feel that sense of comfortableness when I’m with you. 

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Thanks :) will check em out :)

15. October 2013

Go ahead :) hindi ako nangangain ng tao :)))

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Yey! New books, new distraction, new addition to my addiction! 

Medyo naubos lang yung ipon ko but I think that it is worth it :) 

Ano? Ready na ba kayo sa mga susunod kong book blog post? :)

This is my first book blog and I don’t want to be a spoiler for you guys… So even if you haven’t read the book you wont be spoiled by my post. I just want you guys to have the feel of the book based from my analysis.

this is the first tagalog book written by a guy that I was able to read… 

Nung una hindi ko pa sya masyadong nagets kasi andaming involved na characters na hindi mo alam kung anong magiging role nila, kung importante ba sila or epal lang sila sa story. I find this story nice because its a story inside another story. Very unique yung writing style ni Marcelo Santos III for a Filipino writer, kadalasan kasi sa mga Filipino writers napakasequencial magsulat kaya medyo nagiging boring na yung flow ng story. Pero as I go along with the story, i got the feel of it… May mga times pa nga na nadala talaga ako. You will find all sorts of emotion in this book. May mga part sa story na sobrang bigat sa dibdib, may mga part na sobrang nakakagulat, may mga part na sobrang saya sa feeling at higit sa lahat, may mga parts na sooobrang nakakakilig! Another thing in this story is that it is unpredictable. Yun yung maganda sa mga stories eh, yung percentage ng pagiging unpredictable nya. 

This story really made my day! I enjoyed and liked this story… Sa mga hindi pa nakakabasa, basahin nyo na and this is highly prescribed to HOPELESS ROMANTIC PEOPLE! The title says it all, “Para sa Hopeless Romantic.”

Kayo, anong tingin nyo sa story na to?
13. October 2013

I am planning to do book blogging every weekend that I am free… i wanted to share my thoughts on every book I finish…. What do you think? Should I go or no?

I do read english and tagalog books so kahit mapaenglish or filipino pa yan, babasahin ko at bibigyan ko ng oras para husgahan (not in a bad way but in a good way).

You guys can also give me suggestion on what books to read and I’ll read it…. LETS HAVE AN ALL ABOUT BOOKS CONVERSATION EVERY WEEKEND!

"I don’t actually know if its worth trying for someone who doesn’t even look your way."
26. September 2013

So today is my college bestfriend’s 18th birthday. It is suppose to be fun dba? But no! I had to stay here on my bed because I was sick….

Super bad timing yung sakit ko, nakakaiyak :(

Half of the day I was sleeping and dreading on the virus that got into me and the other half I just kept refreshing my twitter, tumblr, instagram and facebook.